MUMUS Scarves and Beanies

Faculty have been absolute superstars and have worked with MUMUS to bring you subsidised med merch! Get your items here 🌟


A$5.00 incl. 10% GST

A$5.00 incl. 10% GST

Delivery or Reservation

We can either reserve your item for you, or you can pay extra for delivery. If you don't select an option, we will reserve it for you.

Flat rate shipping for up to three items. If you are purchasing more than three items, please contact [email protected].

A$9.60 incl. 10% GST

We'll reserve your item to pick up once circumstances allow (likely 2021).


If you already ordered a ticket

If you want to see or change the status and details of your order, click on the link in one of the emails we sent you during the order process. If you cannot find the link, click on the following button to request the link to your order to be sent to you again.