So you think you can do stuff?! Aug. 2nd, 2024

Do you want to know if your friends can do stuff? Think you are prepared to see the hidden talents of your peers? Well come see the inaugural talent show hosted by MedRevue!

Happening this August 2nd, all we ask from you is a small donation to support our main musical production (go see that also! Pirates of the Peritoneum, sailing to the Alex theater near you) in the form of this ticket purchase :)

If you wish to demonstrate your ability to do stuff sign up here (there are loads of prizes up for grabs thanks to our partners at Monash Sport and bookstore!):

M-Pavilion Monash University

Aug. 2nd, 2024
Begin: 18:30
End: 20:30
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Come join us and witness your fellow friends and colleagues demonstrate once and for all that yes - they indeed can do stuff.

A$5.00 incl. 10% GST

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